los and leesh.

bussing it across the Altiplano, rocking a chola hat and chilling in old churches. good travel day!

Raqchi circular structures, purported to have been storerooms.

Raqchi ruins, Peru.

The Raqchi Archeological site on the road to Puno

Well, here we are. On a tour bus. Haven’t had to take one of these so far, been able to take public transport or combi/pirate the whole way. But as there is no direct bus all the way to Puno, tourism it is.

There is even a tour guide that talks to us and takes us on 4 ‘excursions’ off the bus through the day before finally dropping us in Puno. The scheduled stops are a church, Raqchi ruins, Lunch, the highest point on the road next to a lake, and then a small museum.

We only want to see the ruins and are not interested in the other stops. Not use to this type of thing…

Palacio Del Inka - Decided to Treat ourselves, packs and all, before leaving Cusco heading to Puno. The Luxury Collection don’t play. This place is NICE.

Palacio Del Inka, Luxury Collection Spa - Includes sauna, steam room, showers, hot tub and therapeutic pool. Oh, my goodness. 99 soles for two people, you don’t have to be staying at the hotel either. Go.

Palacio Del Inka, A Luxury Collection Hotel Cusco, Peru

Took an evening off from exploring ancient ruins for an evening with Paulo Greer and the (SAE) South American Explorers Club. Very interesting lecture at the Cross Keys. Undiscovered cities that INC can’t take you too, German maps w/ Machu Picchu on them predating Hiram Bingham and ALOT of political innuendo. Recommended.

Los holding it all up

Los holding it all up

Ollayantaytambo - show me the stones.

Keystone Cuts - David Hatcher Childress

Ollayantaytambo - some lines of interest

Gorgeous Ollantaytambo - full of beautiful views and impossible ancient building. Seriously, there are some stones here that boggle the mind.

Ollantaytambo in the Valle Sagrado, Peru.

Does this stonework @ Puca Pucara look familiar (left)? It’s because something very similar appears under the Temple of the Sun @ Machu Picchu (right)….