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Last night in the city of La Paz in Bolivia, and packed and at the airport early in the morning. That concludes our andean adventure and the second leg of the pilgrimage. Maya, Inca, now what about the Anasazi and the Hopi?!

On ancient aliens, in La Paz, Bolivia

President of Bolivia Evo Morales, ad campaign.

Souvenir shopping for the folks back home in the artisan district in La Paz. We wondered into the section with llama fetus for sacrifice to the pachamama (mother earth).

Chola Street Art, La Paz (and a cholo bottle opener @ the Lima airport!)

Puma Punku, Bolivia

Puma Punku, Bolivia - Little seen stone ditch surrounding the un excavated pyramid structure @ Puma Punku. Water storage? Bathing? Drainage? What do you think?

Puma Punku, Bolivia - Here’s some shots of the drainage channels coming down from the top of the structure. The longer channels are down the left and right side, connecting the front to the back. What were the water levels like at the time of its construction?

The view from Puma Punku, Bolivia - Why was this pyramid and ‘stone yard’ of Puma Punku, as well as the complex of Tiwanaku built out in the middle of what looks like nowhere? Two long mountain ranges on each side, perhaps it was a fertile valley at one point…

Puma Punku, Bolivia - What you do hear about Puma Punku is that there are stones showing evidence of advanced technology, what you dont hear about is that the stones sit on top of a giant unexcavated pyramid surround by some kind of extensive drainage moat. Drainage, water storage, drinking, bathing, I don’t know, but it was a large undertaking for a specific purpose none the less.

Puma Punku, Bolivia - Past the rubble yard of amazing stones, there is a small rectangular area that is cut into the earth that is also located on top of the giant raised pyramid. The first view is walking towards the pit from the stones in the front of the site, and the last picture is from the far side of the site looking back towards the center.

Are all these pathways for drainage, or something else?

Puma Punku, Bolivia

Puma Punku, Bolivia

Puma Punku, Bolivia

Puma Punku, Bolivia

Puma Punku, Bolivia - this shit is for real kids.